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Child Rape

My foster dad raped me when I was 13. I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden he grabbed me and threw me on the bed. I thought he was joking around. He ripped of my pants and started grabbing my butt hard. I screamed “stop,” but he kept going.

He put some liquid in my butt and it started to burn. He tied my hands and legs down. He forced himself inside me and I screamed in agonizing pain to stop, but he laughed at my pain and kept going for hours.

He gave me a pill to stay awake, so he would hear my screams of pain. “No, no, please ahh. It hurts please,” were the words I cried. At this point, he clipped me to stay open and shined a light on me. He began to take tweezers and surgical tools and torture the inside of me. It hurt so bad he didn’t care. He was forcing stuff in there and it hurt so much.

He did this for at least 5 hours then raped me again. I was only 13. I didn’t know what to do then.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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