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Childhood Abuse

The first time I was ever sexually abuse was by a neighbor. He was about 14 I think and I was about 3 years old. I grew up on a farm with 15 acre of land wasn’t much to do, but for me there sure was. I would run around the property all day through all the fruit trees and orange groves.I would run around naked because I didn’t like cloths, it was so hot out there. My neighbor Mikey lived just right next door to us with his mamma in the little trailer that I will never forget. well one day he told me to come with him and to his place so that we could play a game. My mom was a full time mother and full time psychiatric nurse, and my dad was a drunk that spent most of his time at the hoot an holler down the road, it was the local bar.So me an my sisters were alone but my mamma thought my dad would watch us but he lied and stayed at the bar.Anyway Mikey the neighbor said he had a fun game he wanted to show me. his mamma was at work as well.He told me to take off my pants. I didn’t know any better so I did as he told. He told me to lay down on the bed and close my eyes, I listened. He then started touching me and licking me down their in my special spot.I didn’t know what to do but It sure didn’t feel right. His mom came home and he scrambled in a hurry to rush me out of his room to hide me from his mom. I then ran home and told my mom what had happened and she called the police. I was taken to a doctor to be examined and all that I will never forget it.


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