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Childhood Horror

Many people think that rape consists of a man putting their private parts into a woman. It is more than that, rape can be by an object. I remember I was four when it happened to me. The person who did was probably in their late twenties. When she came into the house I was taught that she was a nice person but the day she did it, I knew she was nothing but an evil person. My guardian would go to the supermarket and she would do it to me. When ever my guardian would go somewhere I would beg her but she did not know why. She did it five times. A lot of times I blamed my self and I got therapy. I can say that it was good but the pain still lingers. Even if I was four I still live the pain. I was also molested. Due to this event I seclude myself from the world and I am scared of my family and I would cry my soul out. Even though I know that my family would not do this to me , I am scared because it was a family and due to the place I lived I could not tell anyone.


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