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Childhood rape

Hello, I’m a male. I was raped when I was age 9 by my brother, my mom was on drugs at the time and my brother was with are dad in another state, my mom got so bad on drugs she couldn’t take care of me they way should have, so she sent me to my dads house, it was the first time I got to see my real dad and my step brother, I was so excited to finally get to see them, I was happy to get out of the place o called home because to me it was a war zone, didn’t know where I was going to sleep or eat, not knowing if some bad person was going to come in and kill us for the drugs and Cash that was in side. So I went to my dads house and it was really great to finally be with them. It was great for about 6 weeks intel my brother started to touch me, then that went on for about 2 months intel he started to rap me, I was so scared , he told me not to tell anyone or he would kill me. So I didn’t. Sometimes he raped me and I would try and get away and he would choke me intel I passed out. And my dad was at work he would lock me inside a closet for hrs then come and get me and rape me. He told me that if I wanted something to eat, I would have to do him a favor. One day I told my dad my dads mom and they didn’t believe me, they told me that I was just trying to get my brother into trouble because I was jealous. So I got mad and I through I rock into the front Window in the house so my grandma told my dad to take me to my moms in the other state, so he did. Now I’m 23years old and some days it’s really hard for me to cope. I have a wife and 2 Beautiful kids that I love so much. Thanks for taking the time to hear my story.

— Survivor, age 23


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