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Childhood trauma

I’m french so I’m sorry if my english is not good. I was undergo sexual assault by my father when I was about 6 years old. Between 11 and 13 years old, I was undergo sexual harassment and abuse every day at school. I tried to kill my self at 14. Nobody know. My family don’t know my story. I just talk to my mother but she don’t believe me. My Life was destroy. I try to forget and live but I couldn’t. I need to talk about my story because I don’t want to stay retreat into silence, solitude and shame anymore. I’m 33 and I loose so much time. I can’t have a sexual or love life and I’m very sad.I fight every day to survive. I try to write a book, it’s something very important for me. Thanks to Linor to help women. We have to talk our story to heal ourselves.

— Survivor, age 33

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