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Childhood Trauma and Rape

Ever since I can remember I was raped and molested by my dad and my cousins. They both were into some really bad things. They ended up pimping me out to their clients to get money, I was beaten, raped, forced to do very disturbing things.they would take me and use large objects. After their session I’d be bleeding very heavy. Have bruises covering my body or burns from cigarettes. I went to CPS several times and nothing came about it. I finally went into a foster home once I was relaxed from the hospital. Everywhere I was placed, they would find me, but guns or knifes on me and throw me in the car and rape me and make me do things with girls as well. I get about 2 1/2 hours of sleep a week. I am way to scared to sleep except when I’m in the hospital. My depression. And anxiety led to a very bad Eating disorder which I’m still getting treatment for. I think about my attacks everyday. I moved far away from my childhood city. Changed my number and his everything, didn’t tell anyone where I am.

— Collette Hilliard, age 17


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