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I’ve met several disaster dates through a popular online dating service known as “match” dot com but the worst was a successful, charismatic, attractive chiropractor who turned out to be a heartless sexual predator.

12 years ago in October, 2002, I went out with a seemingly attractive man who was my age and turned out to be a local chiropractor who was divorcing his wife.

I regret ever having trusted him and allowing him to come over to my apartment on the premise of “giving me an adjustment” because he claimed my neck was out.

I had met him for drinks the night before which was pleasant, he didn’t try to kiss me or grope me. Said he wanted he wanted to get together again the next morning for brunch. I agreed thinking he was a lovely person, but I was wrong, he was a sexual predator.

After brunch, I wanted to end our second date but after he started kissing me on the street near the restaurant, he said, “your neck could really use an adjustment”. I said we should go to his office but he said no, let’s go over to my place.

Well, that was a big mistake. He gave me an adjustment on my living room floor and right after that, we started kissing. He quickly started undressing me and I said he was going way too fast, that I wasn’t ready. He ignored and kept going. We had rushed sex (used a condom) and then he got up to take a quick shower and get out of my place, taking the used condom with him so there was no DNA evidence and I couldn’t report him to the police.

I never heard back from him again, didn’t even have his phone number and he never gave me his business card. I emailed him the next day and he emailed me back telling me he wasn’t ready for any kind of relationship.

This man uses the promise of a chiropractic adjustment to get invited back to the woman’s house and then puts on the moves real fast so he can get free sex.

In retrospect he had decided to have sex in advance by having a condom ready and after he came he grabbed the spent condom and took it with him so there was no evidence that I could take to the police.

He just wanted sex and used the “your neck is out” as a ruse. 12 years later I would call what he did “date rape” because I had no intention of sleeping with him.

He just decided HE wanted sex and didn’t care if I wanted it or not. I thought that because he was a chiropractor he had integrity and was a sensitive guy. No, he’s a date rapist, a hit and run lover.

This man is a menace to women: thankfully he has relocated his office to another city about 90 minutes away but when I recently looked at his new chiropractic website online, I discovered he may be pressuring his “team” which are all very pretty young Latina girls into having sex with him.

Further online search I learned that his now ex-wife died recently in 2010, most likely of cancer induced by the bitter divorce and battle for child custody of their 2 children.

I have forgiven him but not forgotten and i don’t think he’s changed at all so on the 12th year anniversary of this bad experience I’ve decided to share my sad story of chiropractor date rape with others to warn other women.


  • cheyana
  • Melissa


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