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I had been in love with this guy for almost a year at this time. I had never been in a relationship with him, but it was we were meeting atleast once a week, and being intimate. When we met I was a virgin at the time, and there were signs. He would try and put his hands in my underwear when I said no and continue, he’d then apologise after. A year into this ‘relationship’, there were two prominate times that hit me every now and then.

The first time, we had an argument and he requested to talk to me in person but within 10 minutes of my arrival he had pinned me down, and ignored me as I begged for him to stop. He continued and raped me. After seeing me visibly upset, he told me he loved me.

The second was not far from the first. We were together in bed, when I saw that he had received a text from another woman, a graphic text. I began to cry, he forced me to kiss him and as I cried into the pillow, he pulled off my pants, telling me, “you should be happy that I’m with you.” As he continued to rape me.

I eventually found out that he had a serious girlfriend, and he was lovely to her.

— Survivor, age 24

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