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Cousin Rape

I am 33yrs old and married. I was raped my cousin when I was still young up to until I realized that what was happening was wrong and it is not supposed to happen to anyone. He would rape me whenever he get a chance of us being two in the house.
These thing affected me throughout my life, and I am being struggling to take it out of my mind. Every time my husband touches me, that moment pops in my mind immediately and it turns me off completely. I have not told anyone about this before, it is really messing with my life big time.
I have a daughter and it is always a problem to leave her in the house with her dad because I am scared he may do the same to her…though to me it was done by my cousin.
I see every man as weak as my cousin, at some points I do realize that I am being emotionally abusive to my husband because I always speak ‘rape’ but not telling that I am a victim.
When I look at all men, I see rapists and it does not feel good at all.

— Survivor, age 33


  • Alissa Ackerman


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