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Dad Touching Me

It all started when I was 4\5 and me and my dad would be in bed. Me and my cousin were mainly knew in our family for our looks (we’re native American and we look like a native American model). I pretend to check my dad’s head for bugs and get them, I draw and scratch his back, and I cuddle with him.

I am a brave 10 year old girl. I’m on my period and you know I had the talk so I am creative. I’m the oldest girl out of all my cousins on my moms side, and second oldest girl on my dads side I have an older brother.

When me and my dad cuddle, he sometimes he puts me to sleep. We have movie nights Saturday nights and he lays beside me. He reaches for my butt and pulls it to his privates then he kisses me on my face cheek and stops for a minute. Sometimes he wants me to suck his privates then I say no then fall asleep (I have 2 younger sisters and I’m going towards them but my dad pulls me back). I am now 11 years old and he still does it. It gets worse and I’m not sure my mom knows.

What should I do?

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