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Darkness With Friends

One day I was just chillin in my room texting a friend from school. Then I get these weird texts all of a sudden. My friend and I then text on another format of texting. We try to figure who’s texting me then we find out. From that day on until today, I met so many people just by that one person. They tell me everything. Their stories to dreams to really deep stuff. They’re great people but the people around them are assholes to them. One is 18 and gets raped all the time by his moms boyfriend of 60. Mom doesn’t give a shit about it. Gets beaten every day by his older sister and she even raped him too. He is a good person but hes always getting into trouble. Getting kidnapped, drugged, and raped by older people. Another is 20 and his parents beat him every day and hurt him so bad. His father even starved him for 2 weeks straight. He has insomnia. He hates sleeping because it reminds him of his childhood. He is a sweet guy but he also can be a pain in the ass. They all can. Another is 16 and has it so bad the only good he has is his mom and the 20 year old. He got abused every day from his father. They all tried calling the cops but nobody would listen. Another is 21 and he has a twin. The good twin lost a year of his life. He was kidnapped by the 20 year olds older brother. He was only 14 or 15. The evil twin almost died every day because of the 16 year old. He got beaten all the time. Even got raped and tied up. A million times. The 16 year old had a few friends who would help him beat the evil twin too. The 16 year old has a half sister on his dads side and she gets abused all the time and gets raped by the father. Her mother doesn’t even care. Theres so much I could write but its just too sad…. I just hope my friends stay strong 💪

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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