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Dear My Rapist

This is written to you and your friend who calls me a liar. You assaulted a girl so vulnerable, and if I could only say your name I would.
You took something from me that doesn’t seem so big to you or anyone else at that party. You not only took my virginity, you took the love I had for myself away. You stole my peace of mind away, and that’s something I won’t ever get back.
No one realizes this, but being a teen comes with the hardest moments of your life, and for you to bring a sudden fear of leaving my house, is disgusting.
I walk through this world wondering why this would happen to me. I wonder why I drank so much, I wonder why I trusted everyone at that party. You knew nothing about me except for the fact that I was vulnerable, so I’m going to tell you about who I was before you defiled me.
I was someone who always brought a smile to everyone’s faces. I would help anyone with any issue they had, and I wouldn’t expect anything in return. I was strong headed and no one took advantage of me. I was funny, my jokes would make even the saddest person laugh. And most of all I was trusting. I trusted people and gave them the benefit of the doubt. But this is what you stole from me. You stole my smile, my laughter. You stole my ability to help people. You stole my trusting personality. You stole who I was.
Now I read somewhere that there are two parts to a victims life; the person they were before the rape, and the person they become after it. I want to do good in this world. I want to succeed to show you that I am not a victim, I am a survivor, and this will only make me stronger. No matter what happens to you, I want to tell you how you affected my life. I want you to know the pain I’m in because of you. I hope that you know I haven’t stopped thinking about all the terror I could cause you, but I won’t do that. I wouldn’t hurt you, because that would only be bringing myself to your level. But I hope the fact that you have to live with this is enough to make you feel sick everyday of your miserable life.
Ps. I hope you and your friends read this one day and realize you hurt the wrong girl, because I will become stronger than you ever thought.


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