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Deceit of family friend

My story is not as much a story as it is my life. I have been through unfortunately two traumatic situations. For the longest time until I was in high school did it hit me I was abused and it was not ok that this is a big deal and I need to deal with this. When I was just five years old my brothers best friend was about 16 and at first I had an innocent crush and that soon changed. He was a person that was always around and family trusted him. One day my brother went to work outside. His friend and I stayed inside and I was watching tv. That’s when the first incident happened. I knew he was doing something wrong but didn’t fully understand until I was older. I didn’t tell anyone from embarrassment and who would believe he would’ve done such a thing? Now I have a daughter and it has affected my life incredibly. I trusts her around no one. I have a great relationship with her and we talk so she always knows she can talk to me about anything. The second incident happened at age 18 when I was raped by an ex boyfriend. I now have PTS and severe trust issues. I pray everyday for myself to heal but inside I’m a broken little girls soul whos innocence was stolen.


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