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Did I ask for it?

I am 22 and I am a survivor of 2 sexual assaults.

The first takes place when I was young, perhaps around 5 or 6. My mum had gone out for the evening with a friend and so she had asked another of her friends to babysit for her. I remember being in bed, I shared a room with my sister who is 2 years my senior. We were in bunk beds and were in bed for the night. The next thing I remember is him coming in, he was wearing nothing but a red towel, I assumed he had just had a bath. He walked over to the bunk beds and opened his towel, he told me to touch him. The rest is a blur, I don’t remember him leaving that room and we never told my mum what had happened that night.

The next story takes place only a few months ago. I was recently out of a long term relationship and wanted to meet new people and make some new connections. I had started speaking to a guy online, he was a little older than me and he seemed nice. I agreed to meet up with him, I had texted him to tell him that I was not coming for sex, but that it would be nice to get to know him as I was looking for a relationship. He seemed to understand and I felt at ease so met him at his place. At the beginning, he made me feel at ease, he made me a cup of tea and we sat there just having a casual conversation. It was not long before he was putting his hands on my body and pulling me towards him for a kiss. I pushed him off and said no, I reiterated that I was not here for that. Again, he seemed to understand so I felt in no real danger. He then persisted to push himself on to me, his body felt heavy and it was increasingly difficult to get him to stop despite me telling him no. He pulled me over t o his bed, all I wanted to do was leave but did not want to anger him. I felt the only thing to do was to let him have his way, to ensure that I could leave safely. I drove home, I didn’t cry and I tried my best to block it out. I felt as though it was my own fault and that it couldn’t possibly be a sexual assault. No means no and he didn’t listen.

To this day, It is hard to not blame myself for these experiences but I have learned that sexual assault comes in many different forms.


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