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Does “No” mean nothing?

No should mean no, right?

2 weeks before the start of my Sophomore year I was sexually assaulted. I wanted to hang out with my best friend I went to high school with before school started. The original plan was that she was going to a sleepover at my house or I was going to go over to her house. That didn’t happen. The day before we were supposed to hang out she wanted her boyfriend there with us. She told me to drive to his house and meet them there and I’d just sleep over there with them. We started drinking and I was drunk but not that drunk. Her boyfriend wanted to invite his friend over. I didn’t really want his friend to come over but I didn’t want to be rude and say no. I didn’t know who his friend was at all and I never met his friend before. We went to go pick him up and the friend wanted to get a beer. So we did and came back to my friend’s boyfriend’s house. Everything seemed fine. We started drinking again but this friend who he brought over only had like one beer so he w as pretty much sober. My friend and her bf left to go get food or something and they left me alone with this guy I didn’t know. I got on the bed and was about to fall asleep in the room until he got on the bed with me. I didn’t think anything of it at the moment. Then he got closer and put his arm around me. I told him to stop that and tried pushing him off of me. He wouldn’t let go of me and he fingered me. I felt so helpless. My friends eventually came back and I didn’t tell them that happened because I thought it was over. They told us to get off the bed and sleep on the couch in their room, so I did. My friend and her boyfriend eventually fell asleep. The guy was next to me and he tried hurting me all night again and I told him to stop and I tried pushing him off but when I tried getting up he grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. He got on top of me and tried kissing me and taking my shorts off. I stopped him somehow and didn’t let him actually rape me. The next day I didn’t tell anyone except my friend and her boyfriend. My friend was upset at that guy of course but she told me not to go to the cops with this because her boyfriend is in the Military and is afraid he might get kicked out because this all happened at his house. She told me I should not tell the cops because her boyfriend is unstable and will most likely kill himself if I do.


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