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Doesnt Think He’s a Rapist

Last summer, when I was 16, I was really into partying. I went to a party with a bunch of friends and a guy that I’ve known since I was 7 was there. His sister is my best friend. The whole night he kept giving me drinks, and later on we decided to go smoke. We started making out and stuff and then I decided it was going to far so I made up an excuse that I needed to get home. he said that he’d walk me home and I agreed. We passed a secluded paring lot and he pushed me against the fence and started having his way with me. It all starts to get blurry after this but I know I kept saying that I had to go home and that I wanted to stop but he didn’t listen. When he was done he went back to the party and I went home. I guess he decided to tell everyone we hooked up because my friends all called me a slut, even though I told them I didn’t want it.

— Deb


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