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Don’t Walk By Yourself

I was walking on my way to soccer practice at my high school, it’s about a 20 minute walk not that far to me. While I was walking, I saw a a group of boys up the street between the ages of 18-20 and their were 5 of them. I didn’t really pay attention until they got really close. They started catcalling me as they walked up to me I tried to walk a cross the road but one of the boys stop me by pulling my hand. I pulled back my hand and told him to get off of me. Then his friends surrounded me. I said please leave me alone, I’m not in the mood. Then one of the boys grabbed me and put me on his shoulder. I was kicking and screaming they took me to this wooded area. I couldn’t stop crying. I said “please don’t do this” over and over and over but they didn’t care. Two of them pinned me down. One of them asked if O was a virgin. I cried yes while the each took turns on me. I never cried so much it hurt so bad. I had bruises on my legs and arms from their tight grip. I can’t look myself in the mirror. I lost about 15 pounds. Sometimes I see one of them but I never walk anymore. This has effected my whole life…grades have dropped, I don’t play soccer anymore, and I think I will never be able to love anyone…this is my story.

— Survivor, age 16


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Chloe


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