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Don’t Want to Anymore

One day I was hanging out with my on again off again boyfriend at the time. That day everything was normal and one thing led to another. During this session he expressed that he wanted to try anal, which he had expressed before. I, like all other times, told him no but he kept persisting, and I finally told him to stop. He did, and I thought I would go home and it would be done with. His demands wouldn’t bother me more. I didn’t know I would be very wrong. As I got up he ask me where I was going. I told him home. He grabbed me and held me down., I tried to get back up but he tied me down and started continued where I asked him to stop. When he was done, I laid their still tied up. He went to the restroom when he came back he raped me again except this time he got what he wanted. After it all I didn’t know what I should do. I didn’t know who to confide in since he was the one I confided everything. I stayed in my dorm room for a week not really doing anything. I ended up going back to him for a few more weeks and it happened again a few more times. To this day only my current boyfriend knows, I’ve never told anyone else about it.

— Survivor, age 20


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Cynthia
    • Ann


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