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Dream / Recall

I was running running running

Past the halls, the screams, the stairs

My hand was busy on something

-Probably the piece of glass I used to cut him.

And then she ripped her necklace off

Just as they ripped out clothes off

Shattered glass

-Another way of showing their power-She said

And it was oh so violent

He grabbed my hair

The floor was cold and

There was blood everywhere

All I had to do was swallow

That was just too much

All I had to do I would not;

I did.

And the taste of his sperm I did not bear

-I wanna throw up.

-Don’t you dare.

(-Why won’t he kill me?)

I stood up. And it hurt and they pushed me and I fell and I hit myself and I held to the window and someone passed by and broke it (And they broke me) and they smashed my body against the wall and it hurts and my clothes are gone and she’s in the corner crying out and I can’t help her and I can tell she’s dying on the inside.

They broke our cameras and stole our films

They stole our bodies

And will

Love, you’re too stoned to notice.

I don’t want your words

I don’t want your breath

Stop the pain.

Stop touching me.

You’re hurting me.

Stop hitting me.

Stop yelling at me.

Stop saying I deserve


I’m stronger.

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