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Drugged After Junior Prom

My junior year of high school, my first serious boyfriend and I had broken up due to my pesky virginity. A few weeks later, me and some classmates, met Catholic school guys at a pool hall. We befriended them since one of them started dating my friend. I became the “beard” of one and he became my fake boyfriend to make my ex jealous. Our plan worked. We hid that he was secretly with his best guy friend and my boyfriend wanted me back. My beard status faded as my actual relationship grew and I was more involved in my academics. My friends and I were in touch with this group since one was dating a member of my click. Then right before prom, I discovered that my boyfriend had been cheating on me. We ended it. Without a date my friend suggested that I bring her boyfriends’ friend who I had fake dated. He agreed. Being that I knew he was gay with his friend, I saw no problem allowing him to bring his secret boyfriend to the after party I hosted at my parents beach house. I took a drink from my prom dates special friend and it turned out that it was drugged. The two of them took pictures and advantage while I was unconscious.

— Survivor, age 31

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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