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Drunk and Alone

I went drinking last night with a friend and we both were there intending to pick up.
We got pretty wasted from drinks these 2 brothers were buying and we went out and around back to the alley to make out a bit.
After a few minutes my friend waved good bye as they went down the alley I guess to go to his place leaving us to have fun.
I was a bit drifty but I remember the clear question was it okay to continue which I told him it was okay.
I woke up to just as he came in me and remember telling him that was okay and he could keep going but I passed back out.
Next I remember a guy trying to flip me over and I told him I’d get sick and I went to wipe my mouth and my hand was on another guys member and he wouldn’t let me let go.
I vaguely recall someone telling me to spread my legs and I said “No it was enough” and I passed out.
I woke up a few hours ago and gathered my clothes and bag.
My friend was at the brothers apartment and they had both had sex with her there but he didn’t say where I was.
She couldn’t ride me home so I got an Uber and I’m coming down and feel like I need to reach out because I’m afraid of what happened and that I might remember more.
Thanks for being there Brave Miss World.

— Michelle, age 23


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