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Ex Best Friend

I was at high school a week before my 18th birthday, we have a late class cancelled that week and as my bestfriend was texting as I have not seen him in so long he asked me to come over to play grand theft auto. I was so excited as I loved that game.

It came 4 o clock and I got to his house he was so excited to see me as we chilled and talked for about a hour about how I hated my ex boyfriend on how he broke my heart, we went into his room to set up the Xbox

He randomly got up came over to me and held me down as I asked him what he was doing he started to kiss I tried to get away but then he covered my mouth, and started taking my clothes off I
Was so scared and shaking everywhere. Then he raped me, I tried to scream I said no thousands of times but he didn’t listen

Then he told me to get the “fuck” out of his house and walk home
As I got up and started to walk with my shaky legs I just cried and cried and went home and cried.

That next day I decided that I should go to the police, they were really no fucking help as all I wanted to happen as him to fucking deserve what he has done to me.
I was a fucking virgin.
I hate him so much and the worse thing about it is that once he was my

— Survivor, age 21


  • Vanessa W.
  • Alissa Ackerman


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