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I used to live in south Korea with my parents and my two brothers (one older and one younger). My older brother died when I was very young and my parents decided to migrate overseas for a fresh new start. When we first came to Australia, we settled in extremely well and I quickly got attached to my new home. However, 2 days before my first day of high school, my mother died. So I was left with my father and younger brother. My father worked very hard to take care of us both and I even began working a part-time job to help out. This was until my younger brother also died, 2 years after my mother’s death.

This was a major turning point in my life. I was diagnosed with depression and my father had been broken physically and emotionally. He began to regularly skip work and developed a serious alcohol habit, and would often be home after 2 in the morning. We moved into a much smaller apartment with only one bedroom in a “dodgy” neighborhood. I was all alone and I would cry myself to sleep every night as I slept on the bathroom floor. I even considered ending my life on many occasions.

A few weeks after disappearing, my dad came back home at 2am one day in a bad mood. He pulled me by my hair before he choked and kicked me. He then got 2 doses of lsd from his pocket and forced me to swallow it with water. This was the first time I had ever seen a drug let alone consume any. After about half an hour, my vision became distorted and I began to freak out. I don’t remember every last detail but when I came to my senses, I was completely naked and chained to a bed with an unbearable pain in my crotch. I remember staring down to see streaks of blood all over my genitals before realizing that I had been raped by my own father. My father began to sell my body to others in exchange for money and I slept with nearly 20 men SundayThis continued for almost a month before my neighbors eventually heard my cries and alerted authorities. My dad was sent to prison and I was placed under the care of my aunty. She was my dad’s sister and she blamed me for my father being in prison. This made me lose all confidence and I was forced to live alone.

— Survivor, age 18


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