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Family and Friends

So this is the first time I’ve ever really talked about this. When I was about fourteen a good friend of my brothers came over he was about twenty two. He was always at our house. I had always had like a little kid crush on him. Well one night me him and my brother were outside jumping on the trampoline when my brother had to go inside for something. So we sat down to wait on him.the guy laid back to look at the stars and asked mms to do the same. After a minute he sat up and put his arm over me holding me into the trampoline and tried to put his hand up my shirt I kept scooting back trying to get away and get off of our enclosed trampoline but he just pushed me down harder. Right as he was climbing on top of me my brother came back outside thank God. I went inside kind of shocked and told my mom she told me I should not talk to anyone about it because nothing actually happened and to some one that has really been raped like her it was just upsetting for them.

A couple months later I was over at my cousins house. And all five of us had set up a wrestling ring in the living room. We were playing wwe or something like that. On our last match I was wrestling my older cousin. Everyone else had started watching tv. He lifted me of the ground like he was going to drop me but he carried my down the hall way and threw me on his bed. I thought he was just trying not to hurt me. But when I tried to get up he jumped on top of me and held my hands into the bed and whispered In my ear if I screamed he would take his hunting knife down and cut me up. I started too freak out trying to shove him off. I was hitting and kicking and fighting as hard as I could. We fell in the floor and he landed on me pinning me to the floor and bit my breasts through my shirt and said if i didn’t quit fighting he would cut them off. I kept flailing and he lifted me up and bent me over the bed shoving my face into the mattress. I could feel him through my pajama bottoms. I was terrified and bawling. He slid his hands up my shirt and then put his thumbs in the waist of my bottoms to pull them down. I was realizing I want going to get away he was just to much stronger than me. Right then my little brother and cousin walked in. I said we were wrestling and to get him puff so I wouldn’t lose. I don’t know how but my brother shoved him off. I think he kind of knew. I didn’t tell anyone until I got home the next day my mom said nothing actually happened so drop it.
Sorry about the super long post but it was nice to finally get all off that of my chest 7 years later.

— Survivor, age 21


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