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Father Figure

My mom broke up with my step father when I was 8. He drank heavily but was a good man. He always kept me safe. My life was forever changed when my mom left him. Literally overnight. She moved my step dad out and moved the new man in after that we moved more to the country. He called me into my brother’s room. He was still a baby and said he wanted to teach me how to tell boys no at school. Then started touching me inappropriately and kissing me telling me he was teaching me what to do if I got in a bad situation. This continued to happen until I was 17. Then I ran away.

There is no fairy tale ending to my story. I did tell my mom who does believe me. Telling my sister has separated our relationship because she still sees that man as a father figure and my mom is still with him today. I am working on my self everyday but it makes you feel raped everyday when your family chooses the rapist instead of you.


  • Maryrose
  • Alexis


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