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Feeling Alone

This last February/March I was raped by someone I formally call my friend. After drinking too much one Friday night our friend group was hanging out, we all got up to walk down the hall to another room in our dorm when he grabbed my breast and pulled me into the men’s bathroom. I told him no and he proceeded to say “don’t you dare be telling anyone about this you hear?” And then started raping me from behind and eventually shoved it down my throat too. I was traumatized after that and only told a few close friends. Then another drunk night, 2 weeks later, he struck again. This time coming into my room touching me and then sticking his part into my mouth and choking me. My friends called the cops and they took him away. He is expelled from the college we went to and found guilty by them. But next step is trial and I’m extremely scared to see his face again and have all of our old friend group there (as they stopped talking to me because they think I’m lying). How does anyone deal with seeing their attacker in court after everything? How am I suppose to look him in the eyes after he took so much from me?

— Survivor, age 19


  • Alexis
  • Survivor


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