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Fell In Love With a Monster

Hey my name is MiMi. I’m 20 years old now and when I was 14 years old when everything change. Growing up in a house with a lot of people you think your safe that nothing or no one can hurt you, I was wrong. Having two older sisters was ok but having a big brother would have made my life better so I thought. My oldest sisters got into a relationship with a guy they feel in love and he moved in, then they had two kids. They stayed with the family well because my grandmother wanted them to stay. So like two years pass and now I’m 14 years old my breast are very nice size I really look like a young adult. One day its me, my grandmother, and my sister boyfriend in one of the two apartments we had. See he was just like an older brother I played the game with him we played fight like boys we got along great he was my brother. So I come out of the bathroom and I head to the kitchen see this wasn’t just any kitchen it was like my sister apartment in an apartment, but anyways i went in the kitchen with him while my grandmother went into the bathroom. So he started play fighting as usual then I get up try to run from him when he is hold me up against the sink I’m laughing having a good time when all I know something felt weird pressing up against me I said ouch that hurts he put his hand over my mouth so that my grandmother wouldn’t hear me . He proceed to have sex with me. My grandmother turn the water off in the bathroom he pulls his pennies out of me I’m standing there in shock. He says your bleeding I reply you just took my virginity. The look on his face was unbelievable. He said he thought I was already having sex, I couldn’t understand what happen so I left out the kitchen and went in the bathroom and looked at myself and ask did he just have sex with me. A couple of days go by I’m in my bed my grandmother just went to the bathroom my little sister is sleep. He calls for me to come here telling me to lay down on the bed and like a fool I did just that. So again my sister boyfriend proceed to have sex with an 14 year old girl who he called his sister. About a month or two went by and I feel in love with him everyday me and him would have sex. Looking back on it now I know I should have told so.e one sooner but its ok I just need to find help now I have a another story of another man I was going to type but I already wrote a lot. Well thank you so much for reading and I’m sorry for all the other victims out there we are more then what are RAPIST wants us to be 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

— Jamika

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