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Festival Sexual Assault

This is my story of sexual assault at festivals and how we should speak up.

I have been to many festivals before, i always go with a big group of boys which you’d think I would had been protected not this time. It was coming to the end of the night my favorite band was about to come on, I was letting loose, feeling the music, embracing the rain and having a permeant smile on my face, little did I know I was about to be sexually assaulted. I felt this presence come close behind I assumed he was another festival goer.. I could feel him coming closer, this is when my heart started to race, and then his dirty, grubby fingers slipped inside of me. I immediately pushed him away and stood there.. embarrassed, humiliated, why do boys think this is okay? no way did I give him consent to touch me. Later in the night I saw him.. arrested. I had immediate relief, although seeing him made me feel sick. This will forever be the boy who sexually assaulted me.

— Emma, age 19

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