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First Crush

I was rapped only when I was 15.

I was a very shy and extremely beautiful girl and many people wished that when I’ll grow up then they will marry their son with me. I was living a happy and luxurious life and when my father had to go to a foreign country for a business meeting and I also said that I also want to go. We went there and I met three families who were also the richest and most noble families in their country and they were quite happy at having me there and meeting my father as he was also a very rich businessman. Those three uncles were brothers and they each had one son. I met their sons and they were so handsome that I had my first crush on one of them. I also felt that they are attracted towards me but we didn’t show it neither we talked cause it wasn’t our values. When my father and my those uncles had a very big international contract, they wanted to celebrate it and so there was a very big party. My father had to go to some other country for some days so they left me there ca use now he trusted them a lot cause they cared and loved me a lot. That night I was alone in their home because everyone was at site and I came back from the party and I don’t know that those three boys are here with their friend. I was passing near the swimming pool when i saw them and may be they were drunk and i was quite shocked at that. I don’t know when they saw me and started running behind me and I was so overwhelmed that I was started to run madly. They caught me and laid me on the ground.

They were laughing and were playing with me and pouring water on me. I was crying and shouting and one of them suddenly opened the belt of his pants and rapped me. Other boys were silent and were shocked but turn by turn they also rapped me. I was weeping bitterly and I also bite them but it was all in vain. My crush’s turn was on the last and when he came on me I just fainted. When i opened my eyes, I was in hospital and their maid was there who was in my support. I didn’t speak up and asked the maid not to tell anyone because I belong to such a country where illegal relationships between boys and girls, alcohol and drugs are banned. Even if someone will utter the word sex or rape before they are married, it will be a cause of embarrassment and shame and i was rapped. I couldn’t even speak a word and I was living in my rapists’ house and no one knew it, know one. My rapists were very ashamed of their deed and I was so shameful that I didn’t come in front of them. when I vomited and when their parents saw cuts on my body they got to know it and I was forcefully married to my crush but now I just hated him. After marriage, we didn’t talk, our rooms were separate and I didn’t allow him to touch me but as time passed I got to know that he loves me a lot and he was very ashamed of his deed and he wanted to get punished but I forgave him and his cousins.

Today we are living a happy life but even my mind forgets that night but my body won’t. I can’t tell how much that was painful, I share it with my husband but I feel myself guilty and today I want to share it with you cause you people give hope.


  • kshitij
  • Alissa Ackerman


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