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First Date

I was 15, Freshman year was almost over. A sophomore guy asked me on a date. I knew this guy from around so I said yes. We went out to dinner at Olive Garden and then walked around downtown for a bit. We got in his truck and he said the wanted to show me something. We drove down to the river in a secluded parking lot to watch the sun set. It was beautiful. We started kissing which turned into an intense make out session. I didn’t expect it to go any further but he put his hands in my pants. I told him to stop but he kept going. Next thing I knew he pulled my jeans down and pinned my hands above my head. I screamed and squirmed trying to get away but he raped me. He drove me home after and it took me a while to tell my mom. (Dad still doesn’t know) I blamed myself everyday for going with him until the beginning of this year when he raped a friend of mine at a party. I had never told her and maybe if I had she wouldn’t have been comfortable around him. Don’t be afraid to speak out for you could be saving lives.

— Kate, age 17

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