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First Frat Party

All I ever wanted to do was be in a sorority, I wanted those sisters. I grew up with an older and younger brother in West Virgina so when I came to college I knew I wanted to rush. When I got my “BIG SIS” we were immediatly best friends. Baylie was the big sister I had always hoped for. I had only started “going out” my senior year in high school so I didn’t know too much about partying. But Baylie helped me find my comfort zone in it. At first we stuck to small apartment and house parties, then mid October I decided I was ready to go big time, and go to one of the fraternity parties. It was tuesday night, a more low key night for my first one. There were several girls from my sorority there so it was a good time. We were standing in the hallway and Baylie stepped into the bathroom. I turned around to find our other friend and just stepped away for a minute when I was pulled into a room. I tried to hard to fight this big grizzley guy off but he was too strong. While he was raping me, Baylie barged in with three of our other friends and he busted out knocking them down. I was in such a state of shock, I was crying with no words. My friends made me go to the hospital and I had a rape kit done, nothing was conclusive, and after the police did some investigating it turns out that he wasnt even a member of the fraternity so they could not find him. I was not a virgin, so did not have to deal with a lot of the stuff that a bunch of people do. It is still hard though.

— Brooklin, age 18


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