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First Friend at University

I went to university in Newcastle, UK. It was my fourth day of university and i was just getting used to meeting new people and getting to grips with being on my own and away from home. I had met some people during this time but the first person I met was a guy and we got on so well. I thought he was a really good guy and that we were friends. I didn’t want anything from him. I wasn’t looking for a relationship or anything like that. I just wanted a friend. Someone that I could talk to and turn to when feeling homesick and things like that. I was so wrong about him. He was everything that a girl fears when moving away from home. This fun, exciting adventure turned into a nightmare before my eyes.

It was during my freshers week and there was an event on at a local rock bar that I really wanted to go to but was uncomfortable going along so I asked my ‘friend’ if he wanted to go. He agreed. We went and had a really good night. He lived quite far away from where we were so I agreed to let in stay on my sofa in the living room of my flat. This was a mistake. I had gone to bed and he followed me, came into my room, and locked my door. The nightmare had begun. I was raped. He then stayed in my bed until the morning. I didn’t sleep and I couldn’t move because he said he’d kill me if I did.

This was 2 years ago, last month I finally told someone. However I feel that I can never tell my family what happened to me, not because they wouldn’t understand but because I fear that they will treat me differently. As if i am broken or damaged.

I have been suffering from depression, but trying to regain what was took from me that night.



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