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Freshman on Campus

It was my freshman year on campus. I was always shy and quiet but I always attracted guys. The wrong guys. I wanted that fairytale love. After my first big rivalry game on campus I said goodnight to my friends and started my walk back to my dorm. I met a charming guy and we exchanged numbers. Over the next week we began to text. I was smitten and trusted him enough to invite him over. One Monday night he offered to bring over donuts and help me study. It was late but I had a private room and said yes. When he arrived he became pushy and forceful. I tried to fight back but he was to strong. I froze, went silent and began to die inside. I suppressed the emotions and ignored his texts and phone calls. He told me I wanted it. I spiraled out of control for 2 years until I found God and my fiancé. I still cry, I still get jumpy around strangers but I am living. That situation is not my life. I am much more. Before my wedding I plan to tell my family and friends. I plan to speak out about this and try to make a difference. Sexual assault will also be my platform in my upcoming pageants. Women should know it’s not their fault.

— Survivor, age 21

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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