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Friend of mines set me up

I was about 18 years old 2 years ago and me and this girl became really close. We didnt talk im school much but after we graduate she wanted to hang out more. One day she tells me she wants me to go to the beach with her and a couple of her guy friends. It wasnt a big deal for me so i said sure . at the time me or her didnt drive but her guy friends did. They wanted to pick me up . i did feel iffy about it but she was my friend and she trusted them. So they came to pick me up from my house the next day. At first they were nice to me they offered to buy alcohol and food for me and my friend. She wasnt in the car she was at home supposly getting ready. She txt me saying i should wait for her at the guys house because no one was allowed over and she was getting ready so i didnt mind waiting. I went to the guys house and there was about 5 of them between ages of 20 and 26. I didnt mind waiting . They kept me companyed. I ate good and then we decided to drink a little. i figured why not im not gonna drink so much. But they were all pressuring me to drink more and i was scared because they did keep me company so i dranked more. I gotten tipsy a little and one guy offered to smoke with me outside. at this point im texting my friend when will she be here and she kept making excuses like im in the shower and im washing my clothes etc. i was a little worried but i was thinking im over thinking it so i went use the bathroom feeling drunk and one of the guy kept asking me if im okay. I couldnt stand still and i was really dizzy so he took me to his room and sat me on his bed. He went over to his door and locked it. I was scared to speak up but he was talking to me about how he likes me and wanna spoil me. i kept trying to change the subject. i tryed calling my friend and texting her but she never answered. He kept trying to touch me and i kept asking i wanted to just leave. he took my clothes off and raped me. i didnt know what to do or say i just layed there tipsy crying beggin him to stop. A knock came at his door and if was the guys friend and he sexually assualted me. i havent heard from my friend from the rest of the night. after they were done i was crying in the room putting my clothes on. I sat on the stairs because i blacked out. another guy came trying to talk to me into stayin with all of them. telling me they would give me money and clothes. at this point all i wanted to do was leave so i kept asking them ima leave and they wouldnt let me leave. i texted my mom what happened and she called 911. I was too scared to call them because the guys threathend me. she didnt even know i was over there. they cops showed up and resuced me and took me to the hospital. I found out a few months later they were trying to sex traffic me . Till this day i feel like its my fault because i had a choice not to drink or go in the car with them. my friend i never heard from again.

— Asia, age 20

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