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Friends No Longer

It was right after the holidays me and my best friend were going to the movies then going back to her house. When we got there her brother was there and he had never liked me or that’s what it seemed like but i bought myself chips and he just came over and took them and i was like okay what ever but then 3 am came around and my friend was fast asleep and i wasn’t tired and i went to plug in my phone and he was over there and when i went to walk away he started touching me and i said “what are you doing ?” and he said “shut up or my sister will wake up.” and i went and laid down and he told me to lay where he was laying because he had moved and he left the room and came back and he put his hands over my face and forced me to give him a blow job and after 5 minutes i started feeling sick and i knew i was being rapped …. i slept on the floor in the bathroom till like 5 then went and got in bed with my friend and when i told my friend she went off on her brother but he told her i was lying so she thought i was lying ….i was scared to tell anyone …. not even all of my family knows ….i’m still traumatized.

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