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Gang Rape

I was 14 when I was raped. I went out with my friends to a party where i met these guys there were 3 or 4 of them. They looked at me and complimented on my beauty. Saying “You are a really pretty girl” and “what’s your secret?” I said “nothing its just natural” and looked at me. We began to talk and introduce each other. One of the guys came up to me and handed me a drink and sad it was some soda because I didn’t drink. So i toke the drink and drank it. I felt pretty dizzy and went to the bathroom. There I threw up and started feeling dizzy and my eyes were really blurry. I came outside and sat on the sofa and fell asleep. I woke to some really loud music and saw my friends dancing and having a good time. I didn’t have the energy to get up so I stayed on the sofa. I passed out for a long time. The last thing i saw before passing out was the guys checking me out with lust I felt weird and lonely. The next time my eyes opened with some pain coming from my vagina. I looked down and saw the guys surrounded around me that i had just met. one guy had his penis around me. I understood what was happening and began to cry and shout “stop please!” I hurt really bad and they had there turn one at a time. One guy stuck their penis in my mouth to stop me from making to much noise. Once they were all done they started kissing and making out with me I was just so drugged out that I couldn’t control my body and just went on with it. After that they put their clothes on and left me there naked and helpless. I stood up and put my clothes on and walked out where the guys where standing with other girls and making out. I stood their for a while and saw that the girls were my friends. I walked up to them and told me how they raped me and they understood me.

They dropped me home and toke me to the shower I undressed and got in. I washed myself and cried remembering the horrifying memories of them being inside me. I cried and put myself to sleep. The next day I felt really dizzy and saw that the guys that had raped me one of them was watching me sleep. I quickly got up and saw that i was naked and started crying.The guy started laughing and got on top of me and injecting me with some type of drug. I lost control to my body and my eyes were still open enough to see what was happening. Then he started making out with me kissing me and than i put his penis in my mouth and then in my pussy. I felt pain. he was inside me. He broke me. he kissed me to stop me from yelling and had sex with me. I was helpless and had to continue hoping he would stop. He stopped after a while and dressed himself and left.

From that day on I had nightmares of them raping me. I went to the police and they called me a slut ad said that I let all this happen. The looked for the guys but didn’t find them. From that day I’m living with fear seeing them on the streets drugging me again.

If you’ve been raped like me then we aren’t called sluts we are called survivors and we are stronger women than everyone else. Don’t be left helpless get hep from your friends and family that your trust and love.


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