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Gang Rape At 15 Years Old

My name is Patricia. I’m 18 years old and when I was 15, I was stranger raped. I had gone out to a party with my friends at a club, it was her birthday. There were other people there I didn’t know. But I didn’t mind, first thing we did was go to the bar, I had some lemonade, simple. There was also a few men at the bar, who kept looking at us in a strange way. I ignored it. It got up to go to the loo, my drink half full. And one of those foul men must have drugged my drink. When I took a sip I immediently began to feel strange. My vision was blurred. I thought I was going to be sick so I ran to the toilet. But I went down half way. The journey I have no memory of but I woke up in a dark room, on a table, with men around me, naked men. I tried to run , and get off the table. But I was tied, my arms and legs and when I looked down my clothes had been cut open, my mouth covered with tape. One of the horrid men tore the tape off. I s quealed as they did but then I felt a clammy hand onpver my mouth, I tried to fight the rope and I spit on the mans hand. As I did so I felt a burning smack in my ass. It was another man, I remember some of his words. “Good girls don’t spit” then started stroking my cheek, (the one on my face) as I cried and screamed they put tape back over my mouth “this one is a bad girl” he told the others and proceeded to take a belt from somewhere and began whipping me. I cried out, muffled by the tape. They told me to stand up and they dragged me over too some sort of machine . They sat me on it and hand cuffed my hands and ankles to it. I couldn’t see behind me but a man flicked a switch and the machine began to vibrate. They all watched me and smirked. One new man walked towards me and put a finger in my pussy “look at this slur” he said holding up his fingers “she likes it! She’s getting wet!” I shook my head and let out a muffl ed scream. Later they untied me and I was let free. They are still to be found. I hate that word “slut” horrible, I still remember it from this day, I just hope injustice comes soon



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