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Had Her Back

A friend and I went to a party, and we went as a pair to watch out for each other. My friend drank too much and was passed out on the living room couch, I was okay. She was still out as most of the guests left, or paired off somewhere. I watched over her, except when I had to use the bathroom.
I was only gone a minute, but I came back to her naked on the couch being raped by a guy I didn’t know, with another waiting! I yelled for them to Cut It Out! The free guy came at me an punched me repeatedly in the gut until I fell to the floor. He ripped my clothes, and pulled me to my knees so he could rape me too but from behind so I could watch the others. They laughed alot, especially as they each finished, and when they left.
I never felt so helpless or useless, letting down myself and my friend. Aside from the utter grossness of what happened, I had to tell my friend, who never woke up. Due to recreational chemicals in the house, we didn’t call the cops, besides the party thrower seemed to think we had consensual sex with 2 guys, that he didn’t know the names, of course!
Stay Brave, Stay Strong,

— Pia, age 22

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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