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Happy Birthday

I fell asleep on a couch of my friend, coworker, and tutor. I knew his place to be a safe one. I even knew his roommate, a friend I’ve known since elementary school.

I woke up in his bed on my stomach with his on my back inside of me. I was too weak to make a noise and fell unconscious immediately.

I woke up with the stench of latex all over me and he said we shouldn’t be friends anymore. It was my 19th birthday. I got my clothes on and I went to school.

I didn’t tell anyone for 9 months. I knew this happens to everyone and I saw myself as nothing special or worth it to report him.

I’ve been ‘graped’ (the grey area of rape -Amy Schumer). I said no and he said “come on, all the guys left. Come on come on” and just inserted himself.

Doctors deem me with bipolar depression bouts and ADHD. I can’t hold a job, friendships, and am have suicide hotlines on speed dial for efficiency’s sake. I wonder if I would be this way if rape culture wasn’t OUR culture.

— Danielle Marcucci, age 22

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