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I was 13. And it was walking home from school, like I did everyday. And this guy that was a grade lower than me started to to ask me inappropriate questions, like “are you wet, if your not I can fix that.” “Let me shove this in you ass” and just kept harassing me and threatening me. Then he pushed me to the ground and started touching my lower back and told me he wouldn’t hurt me. I pushed him off and started running. I called 911, but my phone lost service. When I got home I locked the doors and shut the curtains. I called my mom and I was hysterical and couldn’t talk. And then the cops showed up at my house and asked me a bunch of question. All they did was tell me they couldn’t do anything but file a restraining order between us. People at school found out because he was bragging about making me cry to all his friends. Then people started saying it was my fault and I asked for it.

I hate it how people don’t take sexual assault and harassment seriously! It makes me so angry how people think that is was my fault and I asked for it! Nobody is asking to be violated by some perverted person! The only person who seemed to care was my uncle. My dad didn’t even acknowledge that it had happened. He doesn’t even seem to care about me. My uncle wanted me to move in with him and go to a different school. If I didn’t have him I don’t think I would be here anymore.

I didn’t really talk about it with anyone until a couple months ago when I was at this youth Christian conference with my school. I got scared being around all these strangers and I broke down, ran outside and one of the boys that was with me followed me outside to make sure that I was ok. I just told him that I had a headache and would be back inside soon. Then my teacher came out to talk to me, and that was the first time I had really talked about to anyone. She was one of the only people to tell me that it wasn’t my fault. I need to know and be reassured at it wasn’t my fault, because I honestly thought it was.


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