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Hard Time

Hi, I’m Tayler. I am currently 15. I was raped a month after my 15th birthday. My rapist was my older brother’s very good friend. I have 5 brothers (yes, it’s very difficult.). So whenever they had friend over it was no big deal. my rapist was over often and was friendly. One day he came over while I was home alone. He told me he was just going to wait for my brother to arrive home. I didn’t think anything and went up to my room. Around 10 minutes later he came into my room. He kept making sexual remarks and sat on my bed. His hand would rest on my leg, arm and hips. I became very uncomfortable and tried to find an excuse to leave. It happened fast. Next thing I know, I was being pinned to the bed. I cried. I begged him to stop. I tried to reason with him. Nothing worked. After my rape, I kept it a secret. I was embarrassed. I blamed myself. I kept telling myself I could have easily prevented it. I became depressed and had frequent panic attacks. I could barely leave my room. I finally told my brother (twin) what happened. Later he told my parents. I’ve been receiving help since. I still sometimes think it was my fault. I hope I get better. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


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