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He Lied

In October 2012, a guy added me on Facebook. At the time i was only 16 and living in Sydney, Australia. This guy told me he was 17. We were talking for a week. He sounded nice and we agreed to meet up. He said he could drive and pick me up.

That afternoon he called me and i told him where to meet me, about a street over from where i was living. That night i left my house, saying i was going to the park. As i was about to cross the road, i saw it was actually a 30 year old man waiting for me. I turned around and thought to myself “i’m out of here”. But he got out and grabbed me by my arm, dragging me into his car. He got in and locked the doors and windows and drove.

The drive was about twenty minutes. The whole time he was asking me questions. About me, my life, my sexuality (as i’m bi). I was terrified. I thought he had a weapon. “So this is how i die?” I thought to myself. He drove to a reserve. It is renowned for rapes, there were no cars, people, lights or any form of civilisation.

Then he forced me to do things to him, after that he forced himself upon me. Then raped me. I cried and screamed. He choked me and told me to shut the f**k up. After that he dragged me back in the car, and drove me to the train station near my house. He asked me if i would consider this our first date, and if he could be my boyfriend. When he let me out the car he grabbed me and kissed me.

I ran and got lost. Crying in the street for a hour. Once i got home i showered. I felt so disgusting and dirty. My arms, legs and thighs were covered in bruises It took me two years to report it to police. Luckily they arrested him and he is now in jail.

— Michelle, age 19


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