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He took away my innocence

I was 6 when i was molested. I remember the man who did it was living in the same complex as my family and I. The first time it happened was on his doorstep, he told me to sit on his lap and he would give me a treat, so i did. I remember he put his hand down my pants, he then whispered in my ear asking me if it felt good, to this day i cant stand when people whisper in my ear. The second time was in his backyard, my friend was with us playing while i was sat on his lap, he got me in trouble that day for calling her over, he told me to never do that again and to not tell anyone. My family eventually found out not to long after the second abuse, my Dad was the first person to find out, he saw me touching myself and asked why i was doing that, i told him why. Now that i look back i wonder how hard that must have been for my parents.

The police got involved but he was never charged. He got to live his life while i have to live with the memories forever. I had to go through forgetting and then remembering and that was the hardest thing to have to relive. He took advantage of me at such a young age and i worry about all the little girls/boys who may have been before or after me.

— Survivor, age 18


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