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He turned me into a damn monster

When i was 4 or 5my mom had a boyfriend that would touch me while i slept and i could never understand why, id had never remembered until i turned 7 when i, the once victim started to develop feelings that a young boy should not have, and, eventually started doing it to my cousin. I knew it was wrong and my body shook like i was having a seizure when i did it bit for some reason its like my mind was being controlled, like i HAD to do it and i hated myself everytime i am now 21 and me and her have come to terms with it after she told her dad and we all talked, but i still wish i could turn back the clock, that i could undo all the terrible things ive done, i still have nightmares…. But then again she might too. We are actually very close now and all is forgiven but i wish i could find the man that turned me into a monster that way i could beat the s*** out of him.and i wish her dad would have sent me away or something because i know i deserve it…


  • Lira
  • Alexis


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