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He Was a Friend

A few months ago I met a guy called Josh, He was knew to my town.
Being a friendly person I befriended him, began to trust him.
We hung out a lot at his flat along with other friends there.
One night everyone went home I decided to stay a little longer, it never crossed my mind that he’d do anything to hurt me… Stupidly not thinking I don’t actually no this guy well, so I stayed longer.

We continued having a few drinks after everybody left as I said goodbye to everyone he had poured me another drink.
We were having a laugh, listening to a bit of music whilst the drink was going down pretty easy.
After a while I became a little drowsy, didn’t think much of it as I’d had quite a bit too drink, then Josh moved closer, began touching me inappropriately, I told him no and pushed his hands away 3 or 4 times.
He began to get aggressive, so I pushed him away as I went to stand up and walk out.
He got violent began continuously hitting me, until I was near enough un conscious, my muscles seized I could barely move, he raped me then held me down and burned some of my skin on my thigh, and told me “every day you will remember me and this night”

I’m still in disbelief that it happened, I haven’t told anybody about it.
This is the first time I’ve said anything about it.
It’s destroyed my life, I barely leave the house,’I don’t see much of my friends, or family. Convince them I’m working away a lot of the time.
This will always haunt me but I hope one day I learn to live with it so I can lead a slightly normal life.

— Robyn, age 20

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