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He was a friend

He was a god friend and coworker of two years. I was going through a rough patch in life and truly needed a friend. I had 4 deaths in my family in a matter of 3 months and felt very alone. My spouse was trying to cope with the loses as well and we were having a rough time together. He was my friend and knew my spouse well. He planted seeds of doubt in my mind about my marriage and my friends made me feel alone and as if he was my only friend. I was 25 while he was 46. He took advantage of all of my weaknesses and made me feel worthless and alone. We had a few drinks one day while hanging out and he told me he had feelings for me and tried to force himself on me. I told him no and that I was married. He said he was sorry and gave me a soda when I turned down more alcohol. Little did I know he had drugged it. Within a short period of time I felt out of it and he forced himself on me. He raped me and when I regained consciousness I was still looping but I managed to talk him into letting me leave. I missed work for a week so I could try to get the bruises to fade. I still have scars on my legs and neck from the assault. I had to work with him for a year. He did not win though. He will never win. I am stronger now than I was then and will never let another soul weasel their way into my mind or body.

— Survivor, age 27

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