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He Was My Dad

I have 17 years old and I was raped by my dad, this happen just a few months ago before new year. Please forgive me if my English is bad I am from Costa Rica that means that I speak Spanish so this is my story.

He is not my biological dad he adopted me wen I was 10 because my mom almost die in a accident they were a couple and if she die I was going to be alone so he adopted me, my mom survive thanks God and they got married few months later they divorce I was a teenager so a use to visit my dad for few days but one day a had a fight with my mother so I call my dad and tell him to pick me up I stay there for a few months, I remember that was in October I was in the shower and then he open the door and rape me in the bathroom. A few days after that I come back to my mother is house I was so scared to tell her what happen but one day she talking to me about my dad she asked me why a did not call him I didn’t realize that was gonna tell her but just came out of my mouth, she believe me days later she took me to a psychologist she told me that sent him to jail it was going to be difficult but not impossible I am so determined to send him to jail for what hi did to me.

This documentary help me to decide if I was gonna see him to jail. Thanks for helping me.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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