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I shared my story a long time ago but as every survivor probably knows:
The assault, the rape or whatever happened to us – it entails serious consequences.
In my case, there are plenty of these effects that I am dealing with, such as depression, numbness, nausea, sense of helplessness, nightmares, low self esteem, the constant feeling of going crazy, anxiety etc.
I am living with it for more than 10 years and it got worse and worse – suicidal thoughts came to my mind (again).

After a long time I decided to look for a therapist, because I didn’t know how to deal with my negative emotions anymore and I finally found a lovely therapist.
After some months I was ready to write a letter to her about what happened to me.
When I wanted to read the letter out loud to her I broke down crying, my body was shaking and I realized how serious my problems were.
My therapist was comforting me. She helped me to stand up, she gave me her hand and helped me to realize that my reactions are common for survivors of sexual assault and this was so important to me:
She UNDERSTOOD my feelings, she understood me and she gave me NOT the feeling that my reactions were abnormal and crazy.

I have definitely still a long way to go but I would recommend every survivor out there to get help because we are worth it.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who is supporting me and with his help and my therapists help, I managed to realize that I am not alone and that even though I need to deal with a lot of negative consequences, I am able to love my life.

— Anna, age 23


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    • Anna


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