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Healing takes time

Everything started of age 7 and lasted up to when I had turned 12. It’s a hard thing to talk about now that I look back at it, but if I learned one thing, it’s that releasing all that negativity helps spread light into oneself. At such a young age, something so precious from me was stolen, my innocence. My grandfather used to touch me inappropriately and tell me things I didn’t want to hear. He’d make me touch him in places. He’d reveal things that should not have been told to a child. One day I had enough and told my family about it, it was a long time before I had told anyone, but we decided not to press charges due to the illness my grandma was suffering at the time. That was the last time I had talked about that subject since it made me feel uncomfortable. My mother mentioned that he’d do similar things to her when she was a child and to my aunts which brought me comfort knowing that I wasn’t at fault for his actions, but was also very scary since I realized even the closest people can cause so much harm. I see him at times, but I’m 18 now, so I learned to forgive and forget. I pray to god he doesn’t do anything to any more kids. I never let my younger sisters around him without close supervision. I hope he changed. I really do.

— Survivor, age 18


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