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I was drugged and raped by my neighbor on my way to church at age 14. He was 34 at the time. He almost killed me. He gave me a soda with drugs in it without me knowing. I woke up naked barricaded in his room paralyzed and unable to cry for help. While I was passed out he kept pumping drugs into my system. When I had not arrived home from church my brother went looking for me and asked him where I was. He claimed I was at my boyfriends house. So, my brother went there to look for me. That’s when he came back into the room, dressed me, threw me outside, got in his truck and drove away. I laid in the grass for a while in front of his house until I was able to crawl through the woods to try to get home. The drugs made me temporarily blind and I could not see where I was going. My house was 2 and a half miles away from his with no other houses but woods in between.

I crawled down the dirt road blind and helpless. My clothes and body being ripped on rocks and sticks along the way. After crawling for about a half a mile, my brother finally found me. I somehow managed to stay on the road on not get lost in the woods. As soon as my brother found me, he called the ambulance and met them halfway. On the way to meet the ambulance, I began to stop breathing on and off clinging on to dear life. I was merely minutes away from death. If I was not found when I was, I would not be here today from all of the drugs he put in my system.

I gave the police my statement before I left the hospital. They could not find him for several days. Finally he went to the police and gave a written confession. I testified against him in court soon after. He plead guilty. He was supposed to go to prison for three years, instead he made a deal with the judge because he had a lot of money and in turn he only had to serve a few months.

He came back to his home next door to me and was harassing me everyday when I waited at the bus stop. Even though there was a restraining order, he was related to most of the police in the town so he got away with it.

I was also molested by my stepfather from ages 4 to 17. At 17 i ran away and told my mom and brother what he had been doing all those years. Neither my brother or mom believed me. I have tried everything possible to make them see the truth. The pain from them not believing me over him. My stepdad has been a nightmare every night, a tear shed everyday. There is an emptiness I can’t fill in my heart. I have been diagnosed with ptsd, depression, anxiety disorder and more. My mom and brother think I’m lying about it all they refuse to talk to me, and when they do they say hateful things and call me names. I don’t understand why they are protecting him. How can i prove my innocence? What would you do?


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